Mark Roemer Looks at Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Post No Matter What Your Niche


Creating great content on the weekend is a challenging task. You have to undergo tons of research in order to come up with useful topics for your audience. Keeping your creative juices flowing becomes difficult as you discover more about your niche and find that you have covered all the relevant stuff. Empty editorials can appear frustrating, and before you know it, you’ve already become part of a creative block. Well, Mark Roemer has a few tips to help you discover topics from places you never thought were possible. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The Ideas

  1. Ask your Sales Team- The role of the marketing department is to support sales. Your content must act as a stand-in for the sales team, helping them to sell more efficiently.

Talk to your sales team to know how they handle prospects. Learn all the questions that are mostly asked by the prospects and try to incorporate them into your content. You could find numerous questions that you’ve never heard before and create dedicated content addressing those issues. Content marketing is about answering questions asked by potential, and existing customers and the sales team can provide useful intel on both.

  1. Scan the Community for Favorite Posts- If you’ve already had a loyal reader base, then you can fish them for favorable content. Install Google Analytics and track the ‘reader activity’ across all your blogs.

Make a list of all the blogs that people love to read and try to curate content based on them. Since people like reading them, they will also prefer content surrounding those topics. Send out an email, conduct a survey, or post a tweet asking your readers about their favorite blog and brainstorm content ideas surrounding those topics.

  1. Get ideas from industry leaders- Industry leaders are at the top for a reason. They have achieved that place through a lot of struggle, and such advice can help you create top-grade content that your readers will surely cherish.

You can also seek assistance from influencers as they are well-known within the community. Your readers won’t miss the opportunity to read content inspired by such talented people.

  1. Group brainstorming- If your team comprises more than two people, organize weekly brainstorming sessions. Your brains can only do so much in isolation. Ideas happen when you discuss matters with one another.

Conduct debates to discover alternate trails of thoughts that nobody in your industry even dreamed of experimenting with. Genius happens at the moment.

  1. Conduct case studies- Readers love case studies as it gives them tangible proof of the success. A more analytical approach to content writing will attract readers from all across the world.

Suppose you wrote content a few years ago. Open up Google analytics and see how the content performed over time and share it with your audience. Highlight what you did right and point and show them the number of your success. Case studies will always be reader-friendly material.


These are only a few of the many ways shared by Mark Roemer that will enable you to create a limitless supply of content. There are always things to write about. All you need to do is find the source, and the rest will fall into place.