The Rise of Chinese Series: Exploring the World of Dubbed Dramas

China has been producing some of the most popular TV series in Asia, and it is no surprise that its dubbed versions attract audiences outside of the country as well. With the recent success of Chinese series on streaming sites like Netflix and iQiyi, more people are taking notice and giving them a chance. But what is it about these series that make them stand out from others, and what should you know before diving into the world of Chinese dramas? In this article, we will dive in and explore all you need to know about Chinese series, dubbed (ซีรี่ย์จีน พากย์ไทย).

  1. Why Chinese Series are popular: Chinese series have become increasingly popular because they have a unique blend of elements that caters to people of different ages and backgrounds. They offer a mix of romance, action, historical dramas, and popular culture that appeals to a wide range of viewers. Many of them are based on Chinese novels or historical events, making them educational, enlightening, and entertaining. Additionally, they have relatable storylines that showcase Chinese traditions and values that many people find fascinating.
  2. The Art of Dubbing: Chinese series are dubbed in different languages, but the most popular are English and Spanish. Some people prefer watching them in their original language with subtitles. Dubbing allows viewers to appreciate the story and the actors without the distractions of reading subtitles. Dubbing is an art that requires proper timing, modulation, and emotion. Good dubbing makes viewers feel as if they are watching the original dialogue, making the viewing experience much more enjoyable. It is also essential to have a good translation and interpretation of the script to ensure that the original message is captured.
  3. Popular Chinese Series: There are many Chinese series available in various genres and languages, but some of the most popular ones include ‘The Untamed,’ ‘Love O2O,’ ‘Eternal Love,’ ‘Legend of Yun Xi,’ and ‘Joy of Life.’ These series captivate viewers with their intriguing storylines and excellent acting performances by the talented actors in the Chinese industry. With touching romantic scenes, an intense plot, and stunning visual effects, these series are bound to leave you waiting for more.
  4. Cross-Cultural Appeal: Chinese series have gained a lot of cross-cultural appeal in recent years due to their diverse characters and universal storyline themes. These series explore topics like love, betrayal, justice, and loyalty, which translate across countries and cultures. This is why many non-Chinese fans appreciate Chinese series and why they are making waves globally. It is not uncommon to see Chinese series receiving praise in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and even in the West.
  5. Where to Watch Chinese Series: Chinese series are readily available on streaming sites like Netflix and iQiyi, where they have English subtitles and dubbed versions. Viki and DramaFever offer a wide selection of Chinese series with subtitles in various languages. This makes it much easier for viewers to stream and enjoy Chinese series anytime, anywhere. Additionally, YouTube also has a variety of Chinese series that can be viewed for free.


In conclusion, Chinese series have become popular around the world because they offer a unique blend of entertainment, education, and cultural exposure. And with the availability of dubbing, viewers can appreciate the stories and actors without the distractions of reading subtitles. While some Chinese series may be initially challenging to follow, they are well worth the effort as they provide a unique and captivating experience that is different from what many viewers are used to. Whether you are a fan of romance, action, or historical dramas, there is something for everyone in the world of Chinese series.