Top watches for serials on Netflix

Catching up with the latest shows on Netflix is almost like second nature in our current era of dominant streaming sites. The world known household name is well known for its fab collection of TV shows and movies which can appeal to every taste and every age. But with such a broad catalogue of exciting streaming content it can be quite a task on deciding what to actually watch first.

Asking your favourite search engine may throw up result after result of listing results but it may not actually highlight some of the real go to watches currently showing on the catalogo netflix. So we have done the hard work for you and picked out some of the best shows on Netflix, which you may or may not have seen before.

Peaky Blinders

A show for those who love a bit of history mixed in with their regular TV. This show centres around a gang in Birmingham, England who have the crafty technique of sewing razor blades in to the caps. 

The show may not be to everyone’s taste but the show is captivating and full of eyebrow raising moments which are tied closely to the brutal boss Tommy Shelby, who does whatever it takes to start climbing the rungs to power.

Lost In Space

A good ole bit of sci fi as the TV show hones in on a family which crash lands and becomes stranded on a danger ridden planet. With the end goal of escaping the planet, the Robinson family have to defeat the odds to stay alive.

Gripping with action scenes to keep you entertained, this is a great show worth a look if you like anything from the dystopia genre.

The Good Place

Exactly the location you’d imagine it to be, The Good Place from the netflix catalogo is all about a rendition of heaven. The concept of the show goes that the lead female character gets in to the afterlife following an extraordinary set of events and finds out that she hasn’t exactly been a good person. 

The show follows her adventures to discover her true self and start leading an afterlife for the better. Not exactly gripping but a great easy watch for lazy evenings.

Once Upon A Time

An absolute smash hit in the US which has recently closed its doors on live broadcasts, Once Upon A Time, or OUAT for short, has everything you’d expect from a thrilling adventure series.

Based upon all the fairytales you could possibly imagine, the series features all the loved, and not so loved, characters from tales like Snow White, Frozen, The Ice Queen and Robin Hood. The only thing is that the series reveals the fairytales in a way you would never imagine. It has so many twists it can put a real life twister to shame. How about a world where the Evil Queen from Snow White falls in love with Robin Hood? Intrigued? Have a watch now.