Web.com Reviews Shares Tips on Luring Readers from Social Media to Your Website


Social media is a great tool for digital marketing. We are all aware of this; the question is how to effectively utilize this tool to maximize your benefit. To lure the digital traffic from social media and divert it to your website is a technique that you should learn to employ. In this article, Web.com Reviews shares tips on making the most of the social media and using these platforms to lure people to your website.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Fresh content that excites readers- If you want people to visit your website over and over again, you should offer fresh content every time. Your website may be quite informative and interesting, but if you don’t post new content people won’t return to it. If the readers know that every time, they visit your website there will be a treat to savor, then your website will surely increase in popularity.
  2. Consistency of posting content- You have to maintain consistency in publishing new content on your website. To share this, you don’t need to use every social media platform. Instead, consider going for just a couple of them but with a regularity that speaks of your commitment level. On social media, also include posts and comments for fun and pure engagement, not just related to your business. This way you will build a rapport with your readers and get to know them better which will further boost your engagement.
  3. Intriguing summary of the blog content– We all tend to visit the website that posts a summary of their blog content in a manner that invites you to read the whole thing. Make the content a mutual conversation that might interest the readers. Ask the readers a few questions that they can answer when they read your blog post. Pay a lot of emphasis on the short summary that you have prepared to post on the social media handles to lure readers to your website.
  4. Use the visual approach to make a mark– Visual content creates a more impactful statement than the text content. So, when you post on social media think of making it more poignant by using images that will get the readers to stop rather than letting them scroll through. It could be an image showing someone using your product or it could be a funny representation that sends the message across.
  1. Advertise your content effectively- If you happen to post your blog once a week, use the social media platforms to mention about your blog post more than once. Use different text each time to maintain the standards of novelty that might excite the readers to go to your website. The marketing skills and the craft of words should be framed effectively to lure the readers in a gripping way.


The stimulating effect of social media platforms and their effective usage goes a long way in the promotion of your website. Web.com Reviews believes posting engaging content on a regular schedule would allow you to attract more visitors to your website because people would anticipate it.